Gym Rehabilitation Program

A gym rehabilitation program is when our physiotherapists use our state of the art gym equipment to manage your pain, improve your performance and function to minimise the risk of a future re-injury. We also understand that not all of us have access to a gym, so our Physiotherapist are able to think out of the box to help you achieve your goal without breaking the bank!

A gym rehabilitation program is appropriate for almost anybody, except those who are acutely injured. The best way to find out whether a gym rehabilitation program is right for you is to speak to one of our physiotherapists or your doctor.

A gym rehabilitation programs can assist with:

  • EPerformance – helping elite athletes to increase performance
  • EInjury prevention – helping those with previous injuries or on their way to healing from injuries
  • EWeight loss and lifestyle management
  • EAny musculoskeletal disorder

Book now or give us a call to schedule an appointment to see our Physiotherapist who will be able to partner you to recovery.