Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in Singapore

Don’t Let Your Pain Hold You Back

You’re not yourself when you’re in pain. Whether it’s just an annoying ache or from a specific injury, pain holds you back from doing what you love and impacts every area of life.

Whether you’re experiencing lower back pain or you’re struggling to fully recover from a shoulder surgery, we want to help you get back to feeling yourself – not just for a few hours but for good. We will address the cause of your pain, educate you about the reasons as to why you might be experiencing pain and, together with you, work towards resolving it. 

We Treat the Source of Your Pain

Whatever your ailment, our Physiotherapists will meet with you to conduct a thorough evaluation to uncover and correct the impairments that are holding you back. We aim to locate the source of your pain and then treat it with a personalised rehabilitation programme to aid in your recovery.

We’re not just problem finders, but problem solvers as well.

Common Musculoskeletal Pains & Injuries

Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common, and in a lot of cases, can easily be treated with Physiotherapy. From ACL injuries to patellofemoral pain syndrome, we’ll get to the bottom of your pain.


Back Pain

Upper, middle, and lower back pain can be attributed to a wide range of injuries and issues. Whatever you’re problem, we’ll identify the source and develop a customised treatment plan.


Neck Pain

Neck pain can make simple, daily activities difficult. Whether it’s the result of an injury, poor posture, or something else – we’ll provide personalised treatment for your neck pain.


Ankle & Foot Sprains

From ankle sprains to achilles injuries and plantar fasciitis to stress fractures, we’ll help you get back to normal activities as quickly as functionally possible.


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries frequently involve muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Regardless of your symptoms, we’ll assess your symptoms and get you on the road to recovery.


ACL Injuries

ACL injuries often require special treatment. Whether you go the surgery route or not, we’ll help you regain strength and get back to doing what you love – as pain free as possible.


Our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Services

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries involve the neck, back, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle. Our Physiotherapists are experts at addressing these common issues.


Split squats

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is dedicated to the assessment and treatment of sports-related injuries, specifically within the context and demands of the activity. Sports Physiotherapy is focused on the performance and development of the individual, so you can get back to the sport or activity you love.


Treadmill walking for health and fitness

Pre & Post Operative Care

Physiotherapy plays an important role in preparing you for surgery, as well as managing your pain and rehabilitating you post-surgery.


Shoulder exercises on gym ball

Return to Sport

We pride ourselves on being able to return you to your favourite sport – especially after an injury or surgery. Returning to sport is different for every athlete. We aim to help you return to participation, then to the sport, and finally to your optimal performance – at or better than pre-injury.


Knee extension for ACL injuries

Gym Rehabilitation

Our Physiotherapists use our state of the art gym equipment to manage your pain, improve performance, and minimise the risk of re-injury.


Passive knee flexion

Oncological Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy can play a vital role in helping those diagnosed with cancer improve and maintain their best quality of life.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is used to manage pain, increase circulation, and trigger the body to release endorphins and opioids that promote healing and relaxed muscles.


Understanding pain is key to solving the problem

Corporate Health

Our Physiotherapists are able to provide talks to your schools, workplace or fitness / recreation clubs about injury prevention, exercise and health.


Neck pain assessment

After Hours & Emergency

Are you in serious pain and can’t get to our clinic? We’re willing to come to you for assessment, treatment, and – if necessary – a referral.


Why Choose PhysioX

Tailored Care

We provide a wide range of personalised and individualised programs to suit your specific injury, pain, or ache.

Goal-Oriented Therapy

We are fiercely focused on helping you recover as quickly as functionally possible, setting goals and milestones along the way.

Personalised Consultations

We don’t want to temporarily treat your symptoms, but to uncover your root problem and provide lasting relief.

Going the Extra Mile

We don’t do the bare minimum, but make every effort to guide and help you meet your rehabilitation needs.

Client Education

We don’t just treat your pain, but aim to educate you on why you’re experiencing it, common treatment options, and why we’ve chosen your specific programme.

Your Trusted Physiotherapy Partner





Satisfied Patients

Physiotherapist Derek is very detailed in his diagnosis and caring. He will follow up on the condition of his patient through personal messages to ensure his patients have no problem executing his recommended exercises at home. Thank you so much, Derek.

– Kelvin Hor

Derek’s skill in manual therapy has helped in relieving some of the pain in my shoulder and neck. He was patient in explaining to me the science behind the pain caused by my injuries. I saw him on 2 occasions, once when I had ankle injury and more recently for shoulder/neck injury.

– Kathleen Chew

I had a knee problem that had become quite debilitating to the point I could hardly walk around the house. After seeing knee specialists, paying for MRI and osteopath sessions there was no improvement. Then I was referred to Derek and the team at PhysioX. I found Derek to be thorough, a clear communicator and knowledgeable. I am pleased to say that my knee pain has completely gone and my overall leg musculature greatly improvident.

– Darren Rushworth

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